Chocolate and Peanut Butter….freaking awesome So I may have forgot to mention that I have a rather large unhealthy obsession with chocolate and peanut butter, doesn’t matter what the order. But it is definitely my fall back for when I don’t know what the hell I’m going to bake. How many guys have that problem? Not many I would suppose… Oh well. I swear that if I develope a peanut allergy, well there’s nothing really to swear about because I’ll be dead.

Not sure if I’ve told people this, but I made the Elephant Man, which is our play at Mount Mercy University. It’s a real train wreck, aye carumba, I mean disturbingly sad and depressing. May 3rd, 4th, and 5th, open the dates! I’ve been hitting that up on social media like crazy. I’m playing the part of Ross and Bishop Howe, though both characters are different, they feed on their greed. Both treat John Merrick (The Elephant Man) like he’s property. I’m so happy, I get to be a jerk in and out of the play! I was working on my goat-ee for Ross, but man is it hard to grow something that doesn’t exist. Better luck in my next life when I’m a viking. GLHF!


The Super Bowl, not so……freaking awesome

So I was pretty much the biggest fan in the Gangnam Style era, but come on, some things have to die. If I recall Psy is a pretty intelligent guy like myself and knows that dancing with pistachios is just nuts. *Taylor Foster giggles to himself at pun. Well, apparently like Taylor Foster he doesn’t know when to stop, and continues to asian the crap out of stuff like there’s no tomorrow. So…. besides the power outage, the bad reffing, the terrible commercials besides the nerd making out with the hottie, broadcasters pointing out the obvious, ray lewis’ terrible dancing, the 9ers losing their first ever trip to the Super Bowl, the lack of viewing of cheerleaders, Jim Harbaugh’s temper tantrums, every bad joke that happened with the power outage, and the Ravens winning, it was a pretty fun game to watch. I want to find out the miscellaneous people who are getting fired for outage, I mean at what point to do you say, “I’m not going to fix this because I’m not going to have a job in the morning anyway.” Recipe of the week: Spiced Egg-nog bundt cake. Got this recipe with a ridiculously good friend of mine. I guess I have a habit of drinking whatever’s the recipe regardless if it has booze in it or not. Off to go work on that the world hunger thing everyone’s been yapping about. GLHF! to those who were cheering for the 9ers. The rest of you are dead to me.

Movies and Baking… Freaking awesome

Anybody see that Stand-up Guys is coming out this weekend? *starts convulsing out of sheer excitement.  I’m thinkin this guy is goin’.  Well either way, I may have also forgot to mention that for a good portion of 6 years I was a baker.  Recipe of the day that I found online: Champagne cake.  Very good, if you want a little more intense flavor just add a little bit of strawberry flavoring and a little more booze and you’ll be good to go, i know i was.  A little for the recipe and a little more for me, a little for the recipe and a lot for me.  It really is… a great recipe. 

Started my work study for the drama department this week, which you could only assume makes me giddy as a school girl but hey when you’re truly passionate about something who cares if the work is backbreaking, right? Let’s do it! It’s fun to have that mentality every single day.  Well, I’m off to watch the Hawks kill Penn State, now if they could only beat a decent Big 10 team we’d be good to go.  GLHF y’all.

Taylor Foster… Freaking awesome

January 28, 2013

So this Taylor Foster kid, a very near identical image of Clint Eastwood.  Just take away the hardcore republican attitude, cowboy films up the hoo-haa, and obsession with talking to empty chairs… hmmm, so apparently the only thing we have in common is a love for acting.

I am a college student at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, a small city in Iowa; big enough to not know everyone but small enough where you know the wrong people at the wrong time, like when you go trick-or-treating at the age of 17 dressed as johnny appleseed (put on pot and grabs stick proudly).  Whatever you got to do for candy I suppose. 

I am 22 years old, a communications major and a hardcore theater junkie.  I live at home with my crazy folks and my two adorable but fiesty half sisters.  I also have one brother, around 20 but when we’re together our maturity level sinks to sad levels.  I’m a gamer, a poet, an athlete, a heartbreaker, a shapeshifter, a knight, a dork, an etc etc.  But all means, I am not a writer but that’s a different story.  Good luck have fun or just to make it easier on me, glhf.