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Ryan Gosling, Mr………freaking awesome pumpkin sounds good…and toffee let’s throw some toffee in there. Of course, if it’s this crazy old coot there’s peanut butter in there but hey, nobody’s perfect except that boss you can never beat on that one game you love at first and then meet that boss and then you throw your hands in utter disgust and throw the game at the wall.  Maybe, I’m the only one who does that.

So Ryan Gosling, hot right? I would agree with myself for that very reason.  I’m planning to go see Place Beyond the Pines (I think that’s what it’s called, might be PIne Sol for all I know).  About exploring the consciousness of a motorcyclists decision to cause a crime in order to support his child.  I’ve done worse things for worse reasons, but I’m enthralled to see it.  I recommend Lars and the Real Girl who haven’t seen, it’s about Ryan Gosling and a sex doll what else needs to be said?

I would like to give a moment for the people in Boston, all of America supports through this. And I would like to give a moment for CNN, who thought they were in support of Boston but apparently didn’t check their sources good enough to see if they really were or not.

Everyone, this is a momentous occasion. good luck and have some fun (make sure a friend’s there to be sucked into that fun, they’ll thank you for it).


…….Freaking Awesome…….Bachelor Parties

So for the last so many weeks, I have been planning a bachelor party and I have to say it’s a different experience knowing that you are attributing to the journey of a man’s happiest day of his life. If you get the chance, become a best man, that’s right even if you’re a girl. It has made the connection between myself and these friends even tighter than I could even imagine.

And if that wasn’t enough, got a birthday coming up. The big ol 2-3. I feel so old. I feel like I’ve done so much and done so little in the time I’ve been a live. I would kind of just like to hang out and watch tv seasons I need to catch up but we’re not all so lucky as retired bastards. Not sure if I feel any wiser than I have., caramel sounds good this week. There’s a smoothness about it when it goes back down the back of your throat. I would probably make my own caramel instead of buying it though or melt down actual caramels; it’s the small things that count. I made the rum chata cupcakes last week. They were pretty rockin’, and made sure to give some for me and some for the recipe.

Today is April Fool’s day, but I’m not joking when I say Good luck and have fun you sexy people!

Luck of the Irish…..Freaking Awesome

So i was strutting around in my living room doing cool stuff like making lazer guns when I saw “Luck of the Irish” pop on the telly.  Immediate reaction about forced me to go change my pants, but it made me think like all great Disney movies do.  What happened to kids shows as we know them? I doubt much people my age or my sanity watch children’s shows anymore in which people would call me the creeper for such comments.   Besides the fact that I am indeed a creeper, I’ve got two younger sisters so go bungee jump without a bungee, critics. 

Back to this catastrophe, there isn’t much rhyme or reason to kids shows these days.  No creativity, no plotlines, no animated kids shows that make sense.  Like Chowder, what on God’s green earth happened there? The guy who created canned laughter is making a killing off of these damn shows. A reflection of society would say we’re raising our children into a plotline that doesn’t make sense where laughing at ourselves seems okay instead of trying to fix it.

Oh yea, happy color green and alcohol day people! Since I’m not Irish I don’t believe I get the honor of calling it by it’s other name.  But anyway, I was making this recipe at work and looked to see other variations on line and found this one.  Very interesting recipe indeed, better be open to new flavors and textures on this one.  My grand dad used to tell me that the Irish were no good beatnicks but thankful that they gave him the nectar of life. *cheers his Guinness in hand.  He also used to tell me, “Taylor, when you start blogging remember to tell people good luck and have fun.” All I did was shook my head in approval.  Good luck and have fun catching leprechauns!

More Snow….Freaking Awesome

As I sit pondering the 6 to 12 inches of white stuff that’s headed our way, I think about all the people who complain about the snow and tell them, “how about you get the hell out of my state, it snows here, that’s what happens.” If you want to make this less crappy for you, then go to the Casey’s near my house and get the best hot chocolate in town. 

My friends and I went to Avenue Q last night at a college near Cedar Rapids, and if one hasn’t seen Avenue Q, one must find it their top priority to go see it.  Screw seeing friends, breathing, going to the bathroom, or any else of the sort, just Avenue Q in all of it’s dirty Sesame Street like goodness.  I mean with songs like “the Internet is for porn” how you can go wrong with a musical around those types of topic area.  The show is a coming of age piece that deals with great social issues while playing on stereotypes with absolute hillariousness.   It was a great show, a very talented group of young folk,  got me wondering again where I want to go for my theater degree after Mount Mercy, going to be a while yet though.  One thing at a time, as my jedi master told me, he also told me not to go to the dark side…..crap, my bad.

  This weeks recipe is Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies. i’m not going to lie, I’ve never made these before but they looked pretty freaking awesome.  I might add a drizzle on top of white chocolate, but I usually just try to make things as fattening as possible. I am going to make strawberry cookies with white chocolate chips this week though for the cast of Elephant Man.  (Practice starts this week, i’m raging with excitement.) Well everybody as they say in the old west, good luck have fun and seriously, trim that beard up you look like a hippy.

Love and women…….freaking awesome……..before heartbreak

What is love to those who have never loved? A kind of word, an abstract word.  How to describe a word that they may truly never understand if they continue to never love.  And the meaning of love and the word varies from person to person.  If one never truly understands the word, do they get to use it.  I love theater, but do I love it as much as holding a person and having my shoulders become a frame around their body and feeling the change in their breath when they feel more secure.  It’s not fair to make that comparison because the meaning of love in both scenarios is different, does thatmean I can’t use the word since I don’t understand my own love.  Life seems to be full of distractions on our path to understanding our love.   Learn to love people! Obviously someone’s been watching too much notebook.  Back to those manly sacraments I do; nascar, chuck norris, headbanging, and not nascar. 


Recipe of the week comes from one of my favorite drinks. Rum to the chata. enjoy! good luck and have some freakin fun for cryin out loud!

Transvestite Rock Bands….Freakin Awesome

So… I was working on a project to stop global warming when I stopped and thought about a rock concert that I went to on Saturday night.  It was at 3rd St. Live, which is just a little hole in the wall stage but when it’s filled up it’s abosolutely amazing.  Either way, we got our tickets after freezing my nips off outside.  Went downstairs to the Chrome Horse, which is a resteraunt actually downstairs, crazy right?  A friend of mine introduced me to this amazing, and I use that term lightly, cheeseburger pizza that made my taste buds erode off from the awesomeness put into my mouth. 

First couple bands we were pretty good, and it may be that they weren’t but I appreciate any bands doing what they do because it takes some grits to do what they do.  First band, 70’s rock music band; made me proud. 2nd, sang somewhat modern mainstream rock music and that got me pumped.  And last but not least, the main attraction was what we were there to see even though I had never seen them ever, Cheese Pizza.  And they know how to make a first impression, the lead vocalist was dressed up a woman with a short dress and tights.  He was very comfortable showin off his who-ha too.  And if that wasn’t good enough, an extremely obese man came out in just a man-thong, assless chaps, and a furry vest.  Night had been made.  They sang a wonderful array of 60’s pop music put into rock form which was quite trippy but hey, original.  Well, I’d tell ya more like how I now want to join a rock band, but I got to back to that project I was working on…. obtaining world peace and all.  Good luck and have some freakin fun for cryin out loud.