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Ryan Gosling, Mr………freaking awesome pumpkin sounds good…and toffee let’s throw some toffee in there. Of course, if it’s this crazy old coot there’s peanut butter in there but hey, nobody’s perfect except that boss you can never beat on that one game you love at first and then meet that boss and then you throw your hands in utter disgust and throw the game at the wall.  Maybe, I’m the only one who does that.

So Ryan Gosling, hot right? I would agree with myself for that very reason.  I’m planning to go see Place Beyond the Pines (I think that’s what it’s called, might be PIne Sol for all I know).  About exploring the consciousness of a motorcyclists decision to cause a crime in order to support his child.  I’ve done worse things for worse reasons, but I’m enthralled to see it.  I recommend Lars and the Real Girl who haven’t seen, it’s about Ryan Gosling and a sex doll what else needs to be said?

I would like to give a moment for the people in Boston, all of America supports through this. And I would like to give a moment for CNN, who thought they were in support of Boston but apparently didn’t check their sources good enough to see if they really were or not.

Everyone, this is a momentous occasion. good luck and have some fun (make sure a friend’s there to be sucked into that fun, they’ll thank you for it).


…….Freaking Awesome…….Bachelor Parties

So for the last so many weeks, I have been planning a bachelor party and I have to say it’s a different experience knowing that you are attributing to the journey of a man’s happiest day of his life. If you get the chance, become a best man, that’s right even if you’re a girl. It has made the connection between myself and these friends even tighter than I could even imagine.

And if that wasn’t enough, got a birthday coming up. The big ol 2-3. I feel so old. I feel like I’ve done so much and done so little in the time I’ve been a live. I would kind of just like to hang out and watch tv seasons I need to catch up but we’re not all so lucky as retired bastards. Not sure if I feel any wiser than I have., caramel sounds good this week. There’s a smoothness about it when it goes back down the back of your throat. I would probably make my own caramel instead of buying it though or melt down actual caramels; it’s the small things that count. I made the rum chata cupcakes last week. They were pretty rockin’, and made sure to give some for me and some for the recipe.

Today is April Fool’s day, but I’m not joking when I say Good luck and have fun you sexy people!