Luck of the Irish…..Freaking Awesome

So i was strutting around in my living room doing cool stuff like making lazer guns when I saw “Luck of the Irish” pop on the telly.  Immediate reaction about forced me to go change my pants, but it made me think like all great Disney movies do.  What happened to kids shows as we know them? I doubt much people my age or my sanity watch children’s shows anymore in which people would call me the creeper for such comments.   Besides the fact that I am indeed a creeper, I’ve got two younger sisters so go bungee jump without a bungee, critics. 

Back to this catastrophe, there isn’t much rhyme or reason to kids shows these days.  No creativity, no plotlines, no animated kids shows that make sense.  Like Chowder, what on God’s green earth happened there? The guy who created canned laughter is making a killing off of these damn shows. A reflection of society would say we’re raising our children into a plotline that doesn’t make sense where laughing at ourselves seems okay instead of trying to fix it.

Oh yea, happy color green and alcohol day people! Since I’m not Irish I don’t believe I get the honor of calling it by it’s other name.  But anyway, I was making this recipe at work and looked to see other variations on line and found this one.  Very interesting recipe indeed, better be open to new flavors and textures on this one.  My grand dad used to tell me that the Irish were no good beatnicks but thankful that they gave him the nectar of life. *cheers his Guinness in hand.  He also used to tell me, “Taylor, when you start blogging remember to tell people good luck and have fun.” All I did was shook my head in approval.  Good luck and have fun catching leprechauns!


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