More Snow….Freaking Awesome

As I sit pondering the 6 to 12 inches of white stuff that’s headed our way, I think about all the people who complain about the snow and tell them, “how about you get the hell out of my state, it snows here, that’s what happens.” If you want to make this less crappy for you, then go to the Casey’s near my house and get the best hot chocolate in town. 

My friends and I went to Avenue Q last night at a college near Cedar Rapids, and if one hasn’t seen Avenue Q, one must find it their top priority to go see it.  Screw seeing friends, breathing, going to the bathroom, or any else of the sort, just Avenue Q in all of it’s dirty Sesame Street like goodness.  I mean with songs like “the Internet is for porn” how you can go wrong with a musical around those types of topic area.  The show is a coming of age piece that deals with great social issues while playing on stereotypes with absolute hillariousness.   It was a great show, a very talented group of young folk,  got me wondering again where I want to go for my theater degree after Mount Mercy, going to be a while yet though.  One thing at a time, as my jedi master told me, he also told me not to go to the dark side…..crap, my bad.

  This weeks recipe is Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies. i’m not going to lie, I’ve never made these before but they looked pretty freaking awesome.  I might add a drizzle on top of white chocolate, but I usually just try to make things as fattening as possible. I am going to make strawberry cookies with white chocolate chips this week though for the cast of Elephant Man.  (Practice starts this week, i’m raging with excitement.) Well everybody as they say in the old west, good luck have fun and seriously, trim that beard up you look like a hippy.


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