Love and women…….freaking awesome……..before heartbreak

What is love to those who have never loved? A kind of word, an abstract word.  How to describe a word that they may truly never understand if they continue to never love.  And the meaning of love and the word varies from person to person.  If one never truly understands the word, do they get to use it.  I love theater, but do I love it as much as holding a person and having my shoulders become a frame around their body and feeling the change in their breath when they feel more secure.  It’s not fair to make that comparison because the meaning of love in both scenarios is different, does thatmean I can’t use the word since I don’t understand my own love.  Life seems to be full of distractions on our path to understanding our love.   Learn to love people! Obviously someone’s been watching too much notebook.  Back to those manly sacraments I do; nascar, chuck norris, headbanging, and not nascar. 


Recipe of the week comes from one of my favorite drinks. Rum to the chata. enjoy! good luck and have some freakin fun for cryin out loud!


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