Transvestite Rock Bands….Freakin Awesome

So… I was working on a project to stop global warming when I stopped and thought about a rock concert that I went to on Saturday night.  It was at 3rd St. Live, which is just a little hole in the wall stage but when it’s filled up it’s abosolutely amazing.  Either way, we got our tickets after freezing my nips off outside.  Went downstairs to the Chrome Horse, which is a resteraunt actually downstairs, crazy right?  A friend of mine introduced me to this amazing, and I use that term lightly, cheeseburger pizza that made my taste buds erode off from the awesomeness put into my mouth. 

First couple bands we were pretty good, and it may be that they weren’t but I appreciate any bands doing what they do because it takes some grits to do what they do.  First band, 70’s rock music band; made me proud. 2nd, sang somewhat modern mainstream rock music and that got me pumped.  And last but not least, the main attraction was what we were there to see even though I had never seen them ever, Cheese Pizza.  And they know how to make a first impression, the lead vocalist was dressed up a woman with a short dress and tights.  He was very comfortable showin off his who-ha too.  And if that wasn’t good enough, an extremely obese man came out in just a man-thong, assless chaps, and a furry vest.  Night had been made.  They sang a wonderful array of 60’s pop music put into rock form which was quite trippy but hey, original.  Well, I’d tell ya more like how I now want to join a rock band, but I got to back to that project I was working on…. obtaining world peace and all.  Good luck and have some freakin fun for cryin out loud.


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