The Super Bowl, not so……freaking awesome

So I was pretty much the biggest fan in the Gangnam Style era, but come on, some things have to die. If I recall Psy is a pretty intelligent guy like myself and knows that dancing with pistachios is just nuts. *Taylor Foster giggles to himself at pun. Well, apparently like Taylor Foster he doesn’t know when to stop, and continues to asian the crap out of stuff like there’s no tomorrow. So…. besides the power outage, the bad reffing, the terrible commercials besides the nerd making out with the hottie, broadcasters pointing out the obvious, ray lewis’ terrible dancing, the 9ers losing their first ever trip to the Super Bowl, the lack of viewing of cheerleaders, Jim Harbaugh’s temper tantrums, every bad joke that happened with the power outage, and the Ravens winning, it was a pretty fun game to watch. I want to find out the miscellaneous people who are getting fired for outage, I mean at what point to do you say, “I’m not going to fix this because I’m not going to have a job in the morning anyway.” Recipe of the week: Spiced Egg-nog bundt cake. Got this recipe with a ridiculously good friend of mine. I guess I have a habit of drinking whatever’s the recipe regardless if it has booze in it or not. Off to go work on that the world hunger thing everyone’s been yapping about. GLHF! to those who were cheering for the 9ers. The rest of you are dead to me.


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