Movies and Baking… Freaking awesome

Anybody see that Stand-up Guys is coming out this weekend? *starts convulsing out of sheer excitement.  I’m thinkin this guy is goin’.  Well either way, I may have also forgot to mention that for a good portion of 6 years I was a baker.  Recipe of the day that I found online: Champagne cake.  Very good, if you want a little more intense flavor just add a little bit of strawberry flavoring and a little more booze and you’ll be good to go, i know i was.  A little for the recipe and a little more for me, a little for the recipe and a lot for me.  It really is… a great recipe. 

Started my work study for the drama department this week, which you could only assume makes me giddy as a school girl but hey when you’re truly passionate about something who cares if the work is backbreaking, right? Let’s do it! It’s fun to have that mentality every single day.  Well, I’m off to watch the Hawks kill Penn State, now if they could only beat a decent Big 10 team we’d be good to go.  GLHF y’all.


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