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Taylor Foster… Freaking awesome

January 28, 2013

So this Taylor Foster kid, a very near identical image of Clint Eastwood.  Just take away the hardcore republican attitude, cowboy films up the hoo-haa, and obsession with talking to empty chairs… hmmm, so apparently the only thing we have in common is a love for acting.

I am a college student at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, a small city in Iowa; big enough to not know everyone but small enough where you know the wrong people at the wrong time, like when you go trick-or-treating at the age of 17 dressed as johnny appleseed (put on pot and grabs stick proudly).  Whatever you got to do for candy I suppose. 

I am 22 years old, a communications major and a hardcore theater junkie.  I live at home with my crazy folks and my two adorable but fiesty half sisters.  I also have one brother, around 20 but when we’re together our maturity level sinks to sad levels.  I’m a gamer, a poet, an athlete, a heartbreaker, a shapeshifter, a knight, a dork, an etc etc.  But all means, I am not a writer but that’s a different story.  Good luck have fun or just to make it easier on me, glhf.